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DESCRIPTION (In English except for titles, etc.):
  Will appear in program exactly as printed. Please limit to 50 to 75 words.
  Please make sure the title and description match the content of the presentation.
  State the objective and describe the key aspects, procedures and participant outcomes.
  Make sure the focus matches the intended audience.
  Presentations may not be used to promote or sell products or services of the presenter; published materials may be used as examples.
PRESENTATION KEYWORD: Check ONE area that best identifies your presentation (suggested aspects in parentheses).
  Activities and Strategies - (approaches, methods and techniques for language acquisition, including innovative ideas such as service learning)  
  Advocacy and Policy - (advocacy strategies, leadership; policies & issues affecting our profession)  
  Curriculum and Articulation - (program development and advancement K-16; standards; Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate; building excellence at all levels K-16)  
  Assessment - (Ongoing (in-class) evaluation, testing and evaluation; theory & practice; OPI )  
  Languages for the Professions and Business - (forging ties and career links with international interests locally and abroad)  
  Content areas - (supporting other disciplines and career concerns)  
  Culture - (connecting to other cultures; art, literature, customs, student study abroad and exchange programs; values, ideas and their expression in music, books, etc.)  
  Professional Development - (teacher preservice/inservice recognition; advanced certification, programs & degrees; specialized knowledge, study abroad)  
  Research - (theoretical and classroom-based efforts regarding language acquisition, retention, assessment, etc.)  
  Technology - (teaching with video, computers, and email; use of the Internet; video conferencing; distance learning)  
LENGTH OF SESSION: Check one item.
  60-minute session  
  3-hour (half-day) workshop  
  6-hour (full-day) workshop  
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  This is a 2014 CSCTFL ALL STAR Session (A CSCTFL representative will have notified you of this status.)
  This is a designated Best of.... session representing the state of
  This is a publisher or exhibitor session submitted by (company name)
  This is a CSCTFL Scholarship Trip Award Winner session
AUDIO-VISUAL: I understand that I may have to pay additional fees for the following: Select the item(s) you need for your presentation.
  Screen Package     (no cost to the presenter)  
  High Speed Internet connection for the presenter--not the participants     (no cost to the presenter)  
  Overhead Projector    (estimated cost to presenter: $ 35)  
  LCD Projector Package    (estimated cost to presenter: $50)  
  Computer/MP3 Audio Patch     (estimated cost to presenter: $50)  
VERIFICATION: You must check all three boxes for proposal consideration
  If selected, I agree to present the session or workshop described above and to pay for the AV I have selected.  
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